All That's Left Behind

Based on a True Story

Our Mission is to help at least ONE MILLION people feel supported in their loss and grief.

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"More than ONE MILLION people per year are expected to develop complicated grief in the United States."

Because of this overwhelming statistic, it is my goal to help at least ONE MILLION people feel supported in their loss and grief. Filling the empty space, the loneliness of grief is a great challenge. But my hope is that my main character’s journey will help readers recognize their own inner strength and the ways they can cultivate tools of resilience. Most of all, I hope the story provides comfort by recognizing the power of connection, and the unexpected ways it shows up in our lives. Even if the connection is just to a story. As C.S. Lewis once said, “We read to know we are not alone.”

You will love this book if you enjoy reading stories about adversity, resilience, and connection that challenge preconceived notions of what grief and healing look like.

Written in the genre of literary fiction, this book is based on an inspirational true story of a young woman who is thrust into the throes of grief from the sudden loss of her sister. Follow Emma’s inspiring story as she navigates this loss while building resilience to heal with hope.

“All That’s Left Behind” speaks to anyone who has experienced loss and wants to explore grief and resilience in a new way.

Ultimately, I hope this book inspires reflection and fruitful dialogue, pressing into engaging questions like:

Have you struggled to maintain hope and resilience during your healing journey?

How does grief lead to feelings of isolation, and estrangement from interpersonal connections?

How is an individual’s process of mourning impacted by societal trends and expectations of hustle culture?


"Anyone who has experienced grief will recognize their own thoughts and feelings in Emma's words; anyone who hasn't will now be able to understand the complexity of loss...and be able to support loved ones going through it."
-Early Reviewer
"I cried, I laughed, I related, I learned. All That’s Left Behind is an exceptional book that’s emotionally felt as a shared human experience."
-Mickie Abels
"All That’s Left Behind captures the reality we all know to be true: grief and loss steal from us, but they can also shape us and make us stronger. Author CaraMia Alberga effectively utilizes her own challenges to bring us a story that is sure to tug on anyone’s heartstrings."
-Payton Lynch
Author of "Rise From the Ashes"
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