Hi, I'm CaraMia!

I am a student, author, and a ND/MSOM/CNS degree program candidate working towards a career in natural, preventative, and integrative medicine. My past experiences have given me caregiving and educational opportunities which translated into my decision to pursue holistic medicine. My professional goals reflect my belief in treating the root cause of illnesses and desire to guide others who seek a different path to wellness. 


My Mission

Through my studies in psychology and integrated health, in addition to my research of sociological patterns of global health behaviors, I learned the importance of a holistic view of health.

I am passionate about integrative healing which utilizes a variety of modalities to build a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

As I continue my studies, I hope to share what I learn along the way to help you on your path to living a full, vibrant, and healthy life. 

Published Author

Check out my book “All That’s Left Behind” 

It was very important to me to write this book because everyone faces loss at some point in their lives. I have experienced the loss of people that I love and care about. Because of these experiences, I wanted to help others. I wanted to offer hope that healing can occur for those of us who have been left behind.

Connect With Me

Join the Live Your Strong Life Facebook group to stay updated on new posts, or connect with my author community for “All That’s Left Behind.” 

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